Product manager

22+ years of experience innovating the regulated software and medical device space.


Years Software Development
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SaaS Products
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From CS to PM

These days, I am responsible for cradle-to-grave product management for strategic programs.

Software development, however, is in my soul. In my spare time, you’ll find my head buried in code.

Check out my GitHub.


Defining the company vision and strategy.

8+ years  working with cross-functional teams to understand the company goals, defining a strategic plan, and executing on the company vision with measurable success.


Boosting team confidence with a strong engineering roadmap.

15+ years as a software product manager bringing new ideas into the product pipeline and using my technical experience to plan out a realistic product roadmap.


Scaling, building, and mentoring teams for growth.

In-depth experience structuring the  organization for exponential growth and using my leadership to build strong, self-sufficient and independent team(s).


Preparing submission packages with strong and effective copywriting.

Successfully completed 6 FDA 510(k) submissions with good submission copywriting and delivering  a complete package.


A quality system isn’t just good practice, it is necessary.

With my engineering experience, I can standardize  current processes or create new procedures that “makes sense” to an engineering team.


Understanding  the P&L to make the best financial decisions.

As a general manager, I have extensive experiencing managing and overseeing budgets. I help create a top-down and bottom-up budget for the business.

Innovative Thinking

Using systematic and proven methodologies to innovate.

I have been preaching the systematic innovative thinking mindset for over 10+ years. You don’t have to be a genius to discover new opportunities.

Problem Solving

Use foresight to avoid problems before they emerge and creativity to resolve them.

Whether it is a business problem or technical engineering problem, I am the go-to person to find solutions.

Project Recovery

Saving struggling projects and stopping the bleeding.

I have a 100% project recovery rate. My engineering background lets me take a “hands-on” approach to identifying the root cause for project performance.