Melvin S. Tan

Regulated Software and Medical Device Expert

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Glass RPN Calculator

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Stylish web-based implementation of Hewlett Packard’s HP48/48G engineering calculator using Reverse Polish Notation (RPN).

Sony TV Remote

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Skeuomorphic web-based implementation of a Sony TV remote for controlling an IP-based Sony Bravia TV in a local network.


I am passionate about photography and capturing those moments through the view of a lens. I have been a hobbyist lifestyle, product, and event photographer since 2002. My favourite camera is the one within reach. Adobe Lightroom and Snapseed are my go-to image processing applications.

12 Screens

An experimental no-code application development framework for creating process automation applications where process flow enforcement, data collection, and strict controls are important for a business.

The application recognizes that multiple operators and multiple data types are involved in process automation. A global search engine helps find any process, screen, or record.

Edmonton AB


For 30+ years, Edmonton has been home. It is the city of summer festivals, concerts, sporting events, massive network of hiking/biking trails, cultural diversity, and the most delicious donairs in the world.

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